Dr. Ilya Zaslavsky presents SuAVE at NIEHS FEST 2016

Posted on January 10, 2017 by ZOsborn

During the NIEHS FEST (December 6-8, 2016), Dr. Ilya Zaslavsky presented a suite of data visualization and mapping tools that he is developing for UC San Diego’s Superfund Research Center Research Translation Core.  The technologies include online mapping and scenario analysis, and a survey data analysis application called SuAVE (Survey Analysis via Visual Exploration). The development of online tools for data integration, data visualization, research translation and science communication is an important aim of UC San Diego’s SRC. Dr. Zaslavsky directs the Spatial Information Systems Lab at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. He and his SRC team at the SDSC are developing the tools (with support from other grants, like the NSF, in addition to support from the NIEHS-SRP) mentioned above in collaboration with UC San Diego’s Bioregional Center for Sustainability Science, Planning and Design.  

The SuAVE tool presents an intuitive visual framework for the analysis of surveys and other collections, enabling custom searches, efficient exploration of subsets of data, and Google Maps-like navigation over a gallery of survey items. Users can publish their own surveys online, annotate patterns they discover, and share those annotations. Tools like SuAVE can help communicate scientific knowledge and develop insights through guided exploration of relationships between key environmental and health parameters, while engaging a broad audience in sharing their findings.

Learn about and configure, publish, and share your own SuAVE surveys!: http://suave.sdsc.edu/


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