NIEHS's Papers of the Year included 3 manuscripts from UCSD Superfund Research Center

Posted on January 11, 2016 by CLarsen

Out of more than 2500 published manuscripts from extramural as well as intramural NIEHS funding, 13 papers were selected from the extramural group to represent Papers of the Year. From the 13 selected by the senior NIEHS staff, 3 of these manuscripts were supported by the UC San Diego Superfund Research Center (SRC). The three papers were led by the Program Director Robert Tukey, the Scientific Director Michael Karin, and Project PI David Brenner. All the papers were focused on toxicant induced liver damage, including fibrosis and cancer, which are focus areas for the UCSD SRC. Such high recognition by the NIEHS may provide future venues that can be leveraged to drive policy necessary to protect against liver fibrosis and cancer. For example, it was not known previous to the report regarding Triclosan, a ubiquitous and supposedly safe anti-microbial agent used in everything from soap to toothpaste and cosmetics, that continual exposure could serve as a liver cancer promoter. The SRC's high impact scientific publications foster research translation and suggest new opportunities for collaborative innovation among researchers in the environmental health sciences, environmental science and engineering.

This research has been featured in NIEHS's Environmental Factors September 2015 addition, Research Brief (10/7/15), and Research Brief (1/7/15).

Papers of the Year

Yueh MF, Taniguchi K, Chen S, Evans RM, Hammock BD, Karin M, Tukey RH. 2014. The commonly used antimicrobial additive triclosan is a liver tumor promoter. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 111(48):17200-17205. PMID: 25404284; PMC4260592Research Brief (1/7/15)

Font-Burgada J, Shalapour S, Ramasamy S, Hsueh B, Rossell D, Umemura A, Taniguchi K, Nakagawa H, Valasek MA, Ye L, Kopp JL, Sander M, Carter H, Deisseroth K, Verma IM, Karin M. 2015. Hybrid periportal hepatocytes regenerate the injured liver without giving rise to cancer. Cell 162(4):766-779. PMID: 26276631; PMC4545590. Environmental Factors September 2015

Mazagova M, Wang L, Anfora AT, Wissmueller M, Lesley SA, Miyamoto Y, Eckmann L, Dhungana S, Pathmasiri W, Sumner S, Westwater C, Brenner DA, Schnabl B. 2015. Commensal microbiota is hepatoprotective and prevents liver fibrosis in mice. FASEB J 29(3):1043-1055. PMID: 25466902; PMC4422368. Research Brief (10/7/15)


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