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Wang, L., Limbo, O., Fei, J., Chen, L., Kim, B., Luo, J., Chong, J., Conaway, R. C., Conaway, J. W., Ranish, J. A., Kadonaga, J. T., Russell, P., Wang, D. (2014) Regulation of the Rhp26ERCC6/CSB chromatin remodeler by a novel conserved leucine latch motif.  Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A111(52), 18566-71.

PubMedID: 25512493
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Song, W. Y., Mendoza-Cózatl, D. G., Lee, Y., Schroeder, J. I., Ahn, S. N., Lee, H. S., Wicker, T., Martinoia, E. (2014) Phytochelatin-metal(loid) transport into vacuoles shows different substrate preferences in barley and Arabidopsis. Plant Cell Environ. 37(5), 1192-201.

PubMedID: 24313707
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Kutsuno, Y., Itoh, T., Tukey, R. H., Fujiwara, R. (2014) Glucuronidation of drugs and drug-induced toxicity in humanized UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1 mice. Drug Metab Dispos 42(7), 1146-52.

PubMedID: 24764149
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Deinlein, U., Stephan, A. B., Horie, T., Luo, W., Xu, G., Schroeder, J. I. (2014) Plant salt-tolerance mechanisms. Trends Plant Sci. 19(6), 371-379.

PubMedID: 24630845
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Kunz, H. H., Gierth, M., Herdean, A., Satoh-Cruz, M., Kramer, D. M., Spetea, C., Schroeder, J. I. (2014) Plastidial transporters KEA1, -2, and -3 are essential for chloroplast osmoregulation, integrity, and pH regulation in Arabidopsis. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 111(20), 7480-5.

PubMedID: 24794527
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Evans, R. M., Mangelsdorf, D. J. (2014) Nuclear Receptors, RXR, and the Big Bang. Cell. 157(1), 255-66.

PubMedID: 24679540
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Paik, Y. H., Kim, J., Aoyama, T., De Minicis, S., Bataller, R., Brenner, D. A. (2014) Role of NADPH Oxidases in Liver Fibrosis. Antioxid Redox Signal. 20(17), 2854-72.

PubMedID: 24040957
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Schnabl, B., Brenner, D. A. (2014) Interactions between the intestinal microbiome and liver diseases. Gastroenterology. 146(6), 1513-24.

PubMedID: 24440671
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d'Uscio, L. V., He, T., Santhanam, A. V., Tai, L. J., Evans, R. M., Katusic, Z. S. (2014) Mechanisms of vascular dysfunction in mice with endothelium-specific deletion of the PPAR-δ gene. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 306(7), H1001-10.

PubMedID: 24486511
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Moles, A., Murphy, L., Wilson, C. L., Chakraborty, J. B., Fox, C., Park, E. J., Mann, J., Oakley, F., Howarth, R., Brain, J., Masson, S., Karin, M., Seki, E., Mann, D. A. (2014) A TLR2/S100A9/CXCL-2 signaling network is necessary for neutrophil recruitment in acute and chronic liver injury in the mouse. J Hepatol. 60(4), 782-91.

PubMedID: 24333183
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Sun, B., Karin, M. (2012) Obesity, inflammation, and liver cancer. J Hepatol. 56(3), 704-13.

PubMedID: 22120206
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Kittayaruksakul, S., Zhao, W., Xu, M., Ren, S., Lu, J., Wang, J., Downes, M., Evans, R. M., Venkataramanan R, Chatsudthipong V, Xie W. (2013) Identification of three novel natural product compounds that activate PXR and CAR and inhibit inflammation. Pharm Res. 30(9), 2199-208.

PubMedID: 23896737
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Witham, E. A., Meadows, J. D., Hoffmann, H. M., Shojaei, S., Coss, D., Kauffman, A. S., Mellon, P. L. (2013)  Kisspeptin regulates gonadotropin genes via immediate early gene induction in pituitary gonadotropes. Mol. Endocrinol27(8), 1283-94.

PubMedID: 23770611
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Roh, Y. S., Seki, E. (2013) Toll-like receptors in alcoholic liver disease, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and carcinogenesis. J Gastroenterol Hepatol. 1, 38-42.

PubMedID: 23855294
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Lee, J. H., Budanov, A. V., Talukdar, S., Park, E. J., Park, H. L., Park, H. W., Bandyopadhyay, G., Li, N., Aghajan, M., Jang, I., Wolfe, A. M., Perkins, G. A., Ellisman, M. H., Bier, E., Scadeng, M., Foretz, M., Viollet, B., Olefsky, J., Karin, M. (2012) Maintenance of metabolic homeostasis by Sestrin2 and Sestrin3. Cell Metab. 16(3), 311-21.

PubMedID: 22958918
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Du, L., Bergsneider, M., Mirsadraei, L., Young, S. H., Jonker, J. W., Downes, M., Yong, W. H., Evans, R. M., Heaney, A. P. (2013) Evidence for orphan nuclear receptor TR4 in the etiology of Cushing disease. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 110(21), 8555-60.

PubMedID: 23653479
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McDowell, S. C., Akmakjian, G., Sladek, C., Mendoza-Cozatl, D., Morrissey, J. B., Saini, N., Mittler, R., Baxter, I., Salt, D. E., Ward, J. M., Schroeder, J. I., Guerinot, M. L., Harper, J. F. (2013) Elemental concentrations in the seed of mutants and natural variants of Arabidopsis thaliana grown under varying soil conditions. PLoS One. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0063014.

PubMedID: 23671651
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Sakurai, T., Kudo, M., Umemura, A., He, G., Elsharkawy, A. M., Seki, E., Karin, M. (2013) p38α inhibits liver fibrogenesis and consequent hepatocarcinogenesis by curtailing accumulation of reactive oxygen species. Cancer Res. 73(1), 215-24.

PubMedID: 23271722
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Xie, H., Cherrington, B. D., Meadows, J. D., Witham, E. A., Mellon, P. L. (2013) Msx1 homeodomain protein represses the αGSU and GnRH receptor genes during gonadotrope development. Mol. Endocrinol. 27(3), 422-36.

PubMedID: 23371388
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Perkins, G. A., Scott, R., Perez, A., Ellisman, M. H., Johnson, J. E., Fox, D. A.. (2012) Bcl-xL-mediated remodeling of rod and cone synaptic mitochondria after postnatal lead exposure: electron microscopy, tomography and oxygen consumption. Mol Vis. 18, 3029-48

PubMedID: 23288995
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Falivelli, G., De Jaco, A., Favaloro, F. L., Kim, H., Wilson, J., Dubi, N., Ellisman, M. H., Abrahams, B. S., Taylor, P., Comoletti, D. (2012) Inherited genetic variants in autism-related CNTNAP2 show perturbed trafficking and ATF6 activation. Hum Mol Genet. 21(21), 4761-73.

PubMedID: 22872700
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Brayman, M. J., Pepa, P. A., Mellon, P. L. (2012) Androgen receptor repression of gonadotropin-releasing hormone gene transcription via enhancer 1. Mol. Cell. Endocrinol. 363(1-2), 92-9.

PubMedID: 22877652
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Fujiwara, R., Chen, S., Karin, M., Tukey, R.H. (2012) Reduced expression of UGT1A1 in intestines of humanized UGT1 mice via inactivation of NF-κB leads to hyperbilirubinemia. Gastroenterology. 142(1), 109-118.

PubMedID: 21983082
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Witham, E. A., Meadows, J. D., Shojaei, S., Kauffman, A. S., Mellon, P. L. (2012) Prenatal exposure to low levels of androgen accelerates female puberty onset and reproductive senescence in mice. Endocrinology. 153(9), 4522-32.

PubMedID: 22778229
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Xue, S., Yao, X., Luo, W., Jha, D., Tester, M., Horie, T., Schroeder, J. I. (2011) AtHKT1;1 mediates nernstian sodium channel transport properties in Arabidopsis root stelar cells. PLoS One. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0024725

PubMedID: 21931830
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Cherrington, B. D., Bailey, J. S., Diaz, A. L., Mellon, P. L. (2008) NeuroD1 and Mash1 temporally regulate GnRH receptor gene expression in immortalized mouse gonadotrope cells. Mol Cell Endocrinol. 295(1-2),106-14.

PubMedID: 18760324
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Allen, G. J., Murata, Y., Chu, S. P., Nafisi, M., Schroeder, J. I. (2002) Hypersensitivity of abscisic acid-induced cytosolic calcium increases in the Arabidopsis farnesyltransferase mutant era1-2. Plant Cell. 14(7), 1649-62.

PubMedID: 12119381
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Kwak, J. M., Nguyen, V., Schroeder, J. I. (2006) The role of reactive oxygen species in hormonal responses. Plant Physiology. 141, 323-329.

PubMedID: 16760482
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Mäser, P., Hosoo, Y., Goshima, S., Horie, T., Eckelman, B., Yamada, K., Yoshida, K., Bakker, E. P., Shinmyo, A., Oiki, S., Schroeder, J. I., Uozumi, N. (2002) Glycine residues in potassium channel-like selectivity filters determine potassium selectivity in four-loop-per-subunit HKT transporters from plants. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 99(9), 6428-33.

PubMedID: 11959905

Machemer D. E. W., and Tukey R. H. (2005) The role of protein kinase C in regulation of TCDD-mediated CYP1A1 gene expression. Toxicol Sci. 87, 27-37.

PubMedID: 15947024

Maeda, S., Chang, L., Li, Z. W., Luo, J. L., Leffert, H., Karin, M. (2003) IKKbeta is required for prevention of apoptosis mediated by cell-bound but not by circulating TNFalpha. Immunity. 19(5), 725-37.

PubMedID: 14614859
Liang, S., Zhong, Z., Seki, E. (2014)  Novel fate-tracing strategies show that hepatic stellate cells mediate fibrosis in vivo. astroenterology. 146(7), 1823-5. 
PubMedID: 24768331

Bonzo, J. A., Belanger, A., and Tukey, R. H. (2007) The role of chrysin and the Ah receptor in induction of the human UGT1A1 gene in vitro and in transgenic UGT1 mice. Hepatology. 45, 349-360.

PubMedID: 17256720

Koyama, Y., Brenner, D. A. (2015) New therapies for hepatic fibrosis. Clin Res Hepatol Gastroenterol. 39 Suppl 1, S75-9. doi: 10.1016/j.clinre.2015.06.011.

PubMedID: 26206573

Chen, S., Beaton, D., Nguyen, N., Senekeo-Effenberger, K., Brace-Sinnokrak, E., Argikar, U., Remmel, R. P., Trottier, J., Barbier, O., Ritter, J., Tukey, R. H. (2005) Tissue-specific, inducible, and hormonal control of the human UDP-glucuronosyltranserase-1 (UGT1) locus. J Biol Chem. 280, 37547-37557.

PubMedID: 16155002

Li, Z. W., Omori, S. A., Labuda, T., Karin, M., Rickert, R. C. (2003) IKK beta is required for peripheral B cell survival and proliferation. J Immunol. 170(9), 4630-7.

PubMedID: 12707341

Seki, E., Brenner, D. A. (2015) Recent advancement of molecular mechanisms of liver fibrosis. J Hepatobiliary Pancreat Sci. doi: 10.1002/jhbp.245

PubMedID: 25869468

Senekeo-Effenberger, K., Chen, S., Yueh, M-F., Erace-Sinnokrak, E., Bonzo, J.A., Argikar, U., Kaeding, J., Trottier, T., Remmel, R.P., Ritter, J.K., Barbier, O., and Tukey, R.H. (2007) Expression of the human UGT1 locus in transgenic mice by 4-chloro-6-(2,3-xylidino)-2-pyrimidinylthioacetic acid (WY-14643) and implications on drug metabolism through peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha activation. Drug Met. Disp. 35, 419-427.

PubMedID: 17151188

Bonzo, J. A., Chen, S., Galijatovic, A., Tukey, R. H. (2005) Arsenite inihibition of CYP1A1 induction by TCDD is independent of cell cycle arrest. Mol Pharmacol. 67, 1247-1256.

PubMedID: 15630080

Chen, S., Nguyen, N., Tamura, K., Karin, M., Tukey, R. H. (2003) The role of the Ah receptor and p38 in benzo[a]pyrene-7,8-dihydrodiol and benzo[a]pyrene-7,8-dihydrodiol-9,10-epoxide-induced apoptosis. J Biol Chem. 278(21), 19526-33.

PubMedID: 12637498

Mazagova, M., Wang, L., Anfora, A. T., Wissmueller, M., Lesley, S. A., Miyamoto, Y., Eckmann, L., Dhungana, S., Pathmasiri, W., Sumner, S., Westwater, C., Brenner, D. A., Schnabl, B. (2015) Commensal microbiota is hepatoprotective and prevents liver fibrosis in mice. FASEB J. 29(3), 1043-55.

PubMedID: 25466902

Font-Burgada, J., Seki, E., Karin, M. (2012) CYLD and HCC: when being too sensitive to your dirty neighbors results in self-destruction. Cancer Cell. 21(6), 711-2.

PubMedID: 22698394

Chen, S., Beaton, D., Nguyen, N., Senekeo-Effenberger, K., Brace-Sinnokrak, E., Argikar, U., Remmel, R. P., Trottier, J., Barbier, O., Ritter, J., Tukey, R. H. (2005) Tissue-specific, inducible, and hormonal control of the human UDP-glucuronosyltranserase-1 (UGT1) locus. J. Biol. Chem. 280, 37547-37557.

PubMedID: 16155002

Suh, J. M., Jonker, J. W., Ahmadian, M., Goetz, R., Lackey, D., Osborn, O., Huang, Z., Liu, W., Yoshihara, E., van Dijk, T. H., Havinga, R., Fan, W., Yin, Y. Q., Yu, R. T., Liddle, C., Atkins, A. R., Olefsky, J. M., Mohammadi, M., Downes, M., Evans, R. M. (2015) Corrigendum: Endocrinization of FGF1 produces a neomorphic and potent insulin sensitizer. Nature. 520(7547), 388. doi: 10.1038/nature14304.

PubMedID: 25739500

Jobe, T. O., Sung, D. Y., Akmakjian, G., Pham, A., Komives, E. A., Mendoza-Cózatl, D. G., Schroeder, J. I. (2012) Feedback inhibition by thiols outranks glutathione depletion: a luciferase-based screen reveals glutathione-deficient γ-ECS and glutathione synthetase mutants impaired in cadmium-induced sulfate assimilation. Plant J. 70(5), 783-95.

PubMedID: 22283708

Yueh, M. F., and Tukey, R. H. (2007) Nrf2-Keap1 signaling pathway regulates human UGT1A1 expression in vitro and in transgenic UGT1 mice. J Biol Chem. 282, 8749-8758.

PubMedID: 17259171

Park, J. M., Greten, F. R., Li, Z. W., Karin, M. (2002) Macrophage apoptosis by anthrax lethal factor through p38 MAP kinase inhibition. Science. 297(5589), 2048-51.

PubMedID: 12202685

 Abe, Y., Uchinami, H., Kudoh, K., Nakagawa, Y., Ise, N., Watanabe, G., Sato, T., Seki, E., Yamamoto, Y. (2012)  Liver epithelial cells proliferate under hypoxia and protect the liver from ischemic injury via expression of HIF-1 alpha target genes. Surgery. 152(5), 869-78.

PubMedID: 22575885

Machemer D. E. W., and Tukey R. H. (2005) The role of protein kinase C in regulation of TCDD-mediated CYP1A1 gene expression. Toxicological Sciences. 87, 27-37.

PubMedID: 15947024

Al-Delaimy, W. K., Larsen, C. W., Pezzoli, K. (2014) Differences in health symptoms among residents living near illegal dump sites in Los Laureles Canyon, Tijuana, Mexico: a cross sectional survey. In.t J. Environ. Res. Public Health. 11(9), 9532-52.

PubMedID: 25226411