Overall Title: Detection and Models of Toxicant Exposure


  • Project 1: Control of Toxin and Obesity Induced Liver Fibrosis by B Cells
    Dr. Michael Karin  -American Cancer Society Research Professor, Pharmacology-UCSD
  • Project 2: Nuclear Receptor Mediated Epigenetic and Immune Cell Changes in Liver Fibrosis Resulting From Toxicant Exposure (Biomedical)
    Dr. Ronald M. Evans (March of Dimes Chair in Molecular and Developmental Biology- SALK Institute for Biological Studies)
    Dr. Michael Downes (Senior Project Scientist, SALK Institute for Biological Studies)
  • Project 3: Molecular and Microbial Mechanisms Leading to Triclosan Induced Liver Fibrosis 
    Dr. Robert H. Tukey (Professor, Departments of Pharmacology and Chemistry & Biochemistry-UCSD)
  • Project 4: The Role of Reactive Oxygen Species and the Microbiome in Toxicant Induced Liver Fibrosis
    Dr. David A. Brenner (Dean, School of Medicine; Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences-UCSD)

Environmental Science and Engineering

  • Project 5: Discovery of Protein Sensors and Switches for Detection of Environmental Toxicants
    Dr. Geoffrey Chang (Professor, Skaggs School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Department of Bioengineering-UCSD)
  • Project 6: Molecular Mechanisms of Heavy Metal Detoxification and Engineering Accumulation in Plants
    Dr. Julian I. Schroeder (Torrey Mesa Research Institute Chair in Plant Science, Department of Biology and Bioengineering-UCSD)


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